Endangered and Threatened Species That are Apparently Delicious (Please Don't Eat Them)

5. Fainting goat

Credit: Flickr via Just chaos

Any discussion of eating endangered species should mention Gary Paul Nabhan -- an author who has tried to raise awareness about endangered species by controversially urging people to eat them. The idea is to "bring foods back from the brink by engaging nursery owners, farmers, breeders and chefs to grow and use them," The New York Times explains.

One example he uses is the Tennessee fainting goat, a curious animal that is smaller than a regular goat, and appears to faint when startled, due to a nervous system condition known as myotonia congenita. The breed is on the watch list of the American Livestock Breeds Association.

6. Bluefin Tuna

Credit: Flickr via kawanet Bluefin tuna tastes great as sushi. The unsustainable practices behind catching the fish will leave a bad taste in your mouth, however. Growing demand for bluefin has caused their numbers to plummet around the world, according to the Monterey Bay Aquarium. Bluefin is listed as a fish to "avoid" by the aquarium's Seafood Watch program. There are other fish in the sea, in this case.

7. Giraffe

Credit: Flickr via away until inspiration comes.

British celebrity chef Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall was criticized recently for suggesting that people try giraffe steaks for dinner. According to the chef, the long-necked animals are quite tasty. But conservationists argue that giraffe numbers are in decline.

For more on the disturbing practice of eating and hunting rare animals check out our roundup on African safaris.

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