Cartoonist Explains the Pacific Garbage Patch With Talking Sealife (Slideshow)

Photo by poolie via Flickr CC

So just how does garbage get from your hand all the way out into the middle of the Pacific Ocean where it swirls in a soup of trashy debris -- or if not there, then to one of the 4 other trash gyres in the oceans across the globe? Cartoonist Jim Toomey decided to send two of his characters off on an adventure to show you in the comic strip Sherman's Lagoon. The journey starts in the fictional Kapupu Lagoon by the island of Kapupu in the South Pacific Ocean, west of the Elabaob Islands in the Palauan archipelago of Micronesia.

This series tackles a depressing subject in a funny way, and we've complimented it with facts and tips about Pacific Garbage Patch to help you make a difference.

Tags: Oceans | Pollution | Waste


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