Asian Carp Almost Migrate from U.S. to Canada, in a Big Truck

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How will invasive Asian carp enter the Great Lakes? Via the Chicago Sanitary and Ship Canal, maybe another flood? They almost made it via a semi-tractor trailer crossing the Ambassador Bridge from the U.S. to Canada.
The trucker was stopped at the border and fined $50,000. His truck was carrying 4,000 pounds of live Asian carp, likely for sale to Asian markets in Toronto, where they're considered a delicacy. Check out this quote on possible plans for the fish, and you'll see the reason for concern:

"It's my understanding that some ethnic markets prefer their fish to be bought live," Kevin Reid, a biologist with the Ontario Commercial Fisheries' Association, told the Windsor Star.

Often, they are purchased in twos as part of a ritual. "It's a tradition. You buy one, kill it and set the other one free."

This isn't the first time trucker Feng Yang has been fined, either. He logged a $40,000 bill in 2006 for possessing the same invasive species.

He's still got a license, to haul AND drive? Canada's federal Fisheries Act makes it illegal to possess live invasive species. It's fine (as in OK) if they're already dead.

Via: Windsor Star
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