Amazing Treat Machine: A Dog-Friendly Cardboard Snack Dispenser

Photo credit: Amazing Treat Machine

Your pooch may be smarter than the average dog—canine Mensa material, to be exact—but the premise for the Amazing Treat Machine is so simple that even the dumber-than-dirt dog will get it: Tennis ball goes in, tennis ball and treats come out. The $12.95 flatpack treat dispenser, made in California from 30 percent post-consumer recycled cardboard, can be assembled in minutes without glue or tape. All that's required on your end is a used plastic water bottle for the treats, a tennis ball, and the aforementioned canine crunchies.

And if Señor Snausages gets a little too crafty for its own sake and slaughters the proverbial Golden Goose, the Amazing Treat Machine is completely recyclable.

Photo credit: Amazing Treat Machine

Photo credit: Amazing Treat Machine

Photo credit: Amazing Treat Machine
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