Amazing Little Ladybugs (PICS)

Photo by little pixie
Nature just continues to impress me. Here I thought ladybugs were only available in red but they come in an assortment of colors--pink, yellow and white just to name a few!

Ladybugs--also called ladybirds and lady beetles--are small insects, usually between 0.04 to 0.4 inches, with black dots on their wing covers. It's a myth that the number of dots is at all relative to the bugs age. The name "ladybird" originated during the Middle Ages when the insects were known as "beetle of Our Lady." The name came from The Virgin Mary who was often depicted wearing a red cloak. Photo by Spice

While I am almost certain the Skittle-colored bugs are Photoshopped, the pictures below illustrate that ladybugs--adorable as they are--can also be a pest in some areas of North America or Europe.

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Photo by Sentrawoods
Photo via Nimo Photography (download this as a wallpaper)

Photo by Sherbert Photography (download this as a wallpaper)

Photo via Thomas Hawk (download this as a wallpaper)

Photo via the Lost Ladybug Project
Photo via The Freewheels

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