12 Warriors, Adventurers With Really Loud Green Messages

Majora Carter

photo via Blue$treak's flickr page

The South Bronx native has a motto: "Green the ghetto!" In 2001, Carter challenged New York City’s plan for a solid waste management plant to process 40% of the city’s garbage in Hunts Point. She diverted the plan and formed Sustainable South Bronx. Sustainability to Carter has always involved connections between environmental health, quality of life, and jobs. Carter brought the Bronx its first waterfront park in 60 years, Hunts Point Riverside Park. Carter also obtained $1.25 million in federal transportation funding for a greenway along the Bronx waterfront, bringing open space, public transit, and mixed-use economic development to the neighborhood. Whether it is green jobs or green roofs, the MacArthur Fellow brings them to the Bronx on a scale never seen before.

Alain Roberts

photo via ursispaltenstein.ch

Alain Robert, a.k.a. Spiderman, is a daredevil skyscraper climber who has climbed many skyscrapers in his life. He does this not for the fame, but to draw attention to causes he believes in such as stopping global warming.

Laird Hamilton

photo via Outside magazine Laird Hamilton is a big-wave surfer and co-inventor of tow-in surfing. He splits his time between Malibu, California and Maui, Hawaii. In Malibu he has been a vocal and prominent critic of a proposed sewage plant which would have deleteriously affected water quality in the area.

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