Wood House Has Simple Detailing, Cheap Materials

It is tough doing modern design inexpensively; simple detailing requires careful craftsmanship when you don't have baseboards and drywall goop to cover up your defects. Markus Wespi Jérôme de Meuron architects appear to have pulled it off in this small house in Caviano, Switzerland.

One good trick is to separate the expensive operable windows from the view windows, which can be a lot cheaper.

The entire interior is done in chipboard painted gray.

I am not so sure about doing kitchen cabinetry in chipboard, I would be worried about it standing up longterm.

similarly, the edges of drawers are likely to chip pretty easily- this interior is probably going to have to be handled with care.

The architects write:

To achieve an optimization of costs, it has been chosen a prefabricated timber construction, a compact volume, simple details and low cost materials.

At the inside the prefabrication is recognizable - the raw wood elements remains visible and are painted with the same silver-dark-gray colour as it was used for the timber facades.

Via archdaily. All photographs by Wespi de Meuron.

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