Vote For the Shed of the Year

Garden sheds are becoming all the rage in America and TreeHugger has shown lots of them, but in the UK it is a highly developed art. They even have websites devoted to them like Shedworking and Weheartsheds, and a competition to pick the best. We have hyped this before, but now the entries are in and you get to vote for your favourite shed.

This year there are a lot of North American entries, it is no longer just a Brit thing. It is hard to decide because there are so many entries in so many categories (and instructions are not as clear as they might be, but I have to be polite because I am a judge) , but vote early and often at ::We Heart Sheds

TreeHugger on Sheds:

Friggebod - The Traditional Garden Shed Made Green
Nature in the Garage
Less is More: Shed /Shelf by Studio Gorm
Milton Studio by Cameron Scott
Kevin Deevey's Backyard Home Office


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