Dynamic, Digitally Prefabricated Solar House Takes Two Weeks To Build (Video)

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There's no doubt that digital fabrication is revolutionizing the design, production and distribution of products -- but there's also housing, with computer-aided manufacturing making it easier and quicker to create, pre-assemble and put together a fully-customized house.

© Adria Goula

We've seen digital houses popping up on TreeHugger back in 2007, and here is another great example of how digitally fabricated and sustainable buildings could be a widespread reality very soon.

Built earlier this year on Barcelona's waterfront, the Solar House 2.0 (also called Endesa Pavilion) is a house that has an extruded facade, equipped with solar panels. Each solar-panelled extrusion is angled differently to best adapt to the path of the sun as it moves over the house's site -- with each positioning pre-determined and tweaked on a computer before the facade was built. The configuration of the cantilevered pieces and customized window sizing also controls the interior solar heat gain.

Check out this must-see explanatory video from Fair Companies via FastCo.Design:

Best of all, digital fabrication methods change the way the house was constructed, since each irregular piece is pre-cut by a machine that doesn't need the pieces to be all the same to optimize production. Yet, there is an element of multi-scalability in the process, thanks to the software and algorithms used.

© Adria Goula
© Adria Goula

Project leader Rodrigo Rubio of the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia likens it more to putting together a puzzle, where the pieces of the house are pre-assembled and "dropped" into a conventional structural frame. The process allowed the team to pre-assemble the various components in three weeks, with actual construction taking only an impressive two weeks to complete.

© Adria Goula

It's an eye-opening prototype demonstrating how buildings can be digitally customized to be dynamic and climatically-appropriate within its site, and how digital tools could empower people to move beyond rigid and locally-irrelevant standardization of building forms. More over at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

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