Shipping Container House By Ross Stevens

all photographs used with permission of Petra Alsbach-Stevens

It is a wall of containers, built against a hill in Wellington, New Zealand, designed and built by Ross Stevens. It uses the spaces between the containers and the hill to expand its living space beyond that limiting interior dimensions of a standard ISO box.

They are not conventional steel containers; with their smooth skins, they may have been "reefers" or refrigerated containers, although there are a number of smooth-skinned types out there.

no, a reefer would have an insulated floor.

clipped-on exterior deck

using the space between the cliff and the house


Love the table made from a door.

Inside it is very spacious!

except in the bedroom, where one really sees the limitations of shipping containers.

We will try to follow up with plans and perhaps an interview. Lots more pictures at ::Petra Alsbach-Stevens' Flickr site, via Jetson Green
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