Re-Growth Pod Goes From Concept To Reality

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We previously covered the Re-Growth Pod, the concept of a prefabricated dwelling that can be delivered quickly after a disaster, can in the short term stand alone, and in the longer term, "from little things big things grow." It had the virtue of acting as a fireproof safe room with a two hour rating.

Now it is past the concept stage, as we see the prototype being installed.

That is no "tread lightly on the landscape" prefab- it is a vault. I think of paraphrasing Roy Schieder in Jaws: "Gonna need a bigger crane."

But they seem to have got it into place. It is an interesting idea for housing in all kinds of situations: a fireproof, bombproof, earthquake proof panic room as the core of a house, complete with kitchen and washroom and water supply.

Via Archdaily

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