Rammed Earth + Prefab = Quick and Cheap DIY House

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Last year's container house by Chuta Sinthuphan of Site-Specific was such a hit at a Bangkok home show that the firm was invited back to do another model. This time, Chuta tells us: "Because when people think of eco-architecture in Thailand, cost came first into their mind. We wanted to show that living/building a eco-home is quite affordable."

So he designed the house to be built out of rammed earth and topped off with recycled steel prefab.

This year we featured the eco-home construction techniques from two extremes. One being the earth architecture. Another is the prefabricated construction. This home combines the two building systems into a cozy living spaces.

The stair is made from recycled steel with brick treads.

The project displays a do-it-yourself aesthetic, with all of the furniture either home-made or refinished, using inexpensive materials. Given that it is for a home show, it is probably not real rammed earth, and perhaps Chuta under-estimates the effort required to build the real thing when he writes "It is something that any one can build with a couple of friends."

But it is definitely not the usual home show fare. More at A Site-Specific-Experiment

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