"Portable Housing" Is Really A Vertical Trailer Park

Brazilian Architect Felipe Campolina's Portable Housing does not appear to have made it to the finals of the Evolo 2010 skyscraper competition, but has shown up in Designboom. It is perhaps one of the most revolutionary; Your home becomes portable and you move it from place to place, plugging it into a form of vertical trailer park.

The units themselves are kind of like a pop-up camper, minimizing transport costs by having the kitchen and bath telescope into the living and dining spaces, cutting the length in half. This also allows it to be transported up to where it is plugged in.

They are then delivered to the site, carried up on a special elevator built around the compressed unit, rolled to the appropriate parking spot and pivoted out on the curved rails without interfering with their neighbours. Once in place, the living room section is pushed out to expand it to its full length

Six units can be plugged into the steel frame at each floor.

It could all be organized very much like a trailer park, where you own your unit but rent the parking space and the connection to services. More in Designboom

It is a direct descendant of Peter Cook's Plug-in City of 1964

And of Andrew Maynard's Corb 2.0

And of Theater het Amsterdam's highrise trailer park.

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