Modern Green Prefab Works For Retail, Too

In January I visited Toronto's Urban Mode for the opening of their new Blu Dot showroom, which I thought was very attractive. What I didn't know until I was researching the new Sustain Trio MiniHome was that it was a green prefab! Blu Dot co-founder Charlie Lazor would be so proud. I visited it this weekend to catch some pictures.

The retail version is built to the same standards as the residential: no vinyl, no drywall, no toxic materials, no CFCs. Insulation is R40 walltight eco for a total of R27. It is clad in Galvalume on the exterior, baltic birch ply on the interior.

The interior works well with the Blu Dot furniture. There are a lot of advantages in doing retail in prefab; it goes in quickly with a lot less disruption. The stairs are a problem; the trailer chassis and wheels do raise it higher than the rest of the store.

I will try to go back when the sale sign isn't blocking it. More at Sustain.
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Full disclosure: Prior to working with TreeHugger I worked with Sustain, before it became part of Altius Architecture, and own the original prototype.

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