Hermitage Hut By Dans Mon Arbre Adjusts to Climate

all images via dansmonarbre
Dansmonarbre of Grenoble, France, is a company "specializing in arboreal activities." One of their projects, the Hermitage, was less arboreal and more shed-like, a "place to allow a person or a couple to experience special wilderness for a few hours, overnight or several days."

Its walls are infinitely adjustable, transforming it according to whim and weather.

The designer, Gilles writes, and Google translates: (with a little help from Mike)

The experience can be spiritual contemplation and prayer.
The experience can be therapeutic for couples in search of communication.
The experience can be hard work for students who need concentration.

A bench folds out to become a bed.

Even the roof opens completely.

But it seals up tight as a drum. All made of sustainably harvested larch. The company is looking to "industrialize" the concept, which will reduce the cost. More at Dansmonarbre

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