Hemeroscopium House: Prefab Gone Mad

What can one say about Hemeroscopium House in Madrid, by Antón García- Abril? It was built in just seven days, out of seven massive structural elements. And yes, that thing cantilevering out the front on top is a swimming pool.

I suppose one can say that it proves that prefabrication can be used for good or evil ends.

A Hemeroscopium is evidently greek for the place where the sun sets, so they probably don't worry about unprotected floor to ceiling glass in Madrid. But it is crazy wonderful engineering; that pile of rock on top of the beam acts as a counterbalance to the cantilever of the beam. It might be nice if the beams were taken from some dismantled highway like the Big Dig house, but alas, they do not appear to be.

On the whole, I would rather be in Petz's Pad.

Amazing to watch the construction. Lots more pictures at Archinect

Tags: Concrete | Spain


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