Green Temporary Showroom by Vector Architects

It is a sort of showroom for a residential project, the likes of which are often built and then thrown away. This one is designed for easy demolition and recovery after use.

The architect describes it:

We apply the vertical grass panel system and green roof onto the building envelop:

1. Reduce the heat gain and loss and enhance the thermal efficiency.
2. The grass panels will reduce storm water runoff.
3. Although the central lawn is taken away to make room for this building, but we effectively tripled the original planting area by using the grass panels on the roof and two facades.
4. Grass wall panel is planned to be relocated onto the partial fence of the residential compound after demolition.
5. Visually harmonize the temporary structure with the existing garden and the so called "Classic Spanish" Style

Alas, the green showroom is only temporary. Archdaily

Tags: China | Green Building | Green Roofs


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