Green Container Housing Demo in Thailand

Designers Site-Specific and Buatalah Studio were asked to design an exhibition around the theme of ‘Green Home Effects’ for a Bangkok home show. According to Site-Specific's website, "to build an earth-friendly house is not as simple as placing some solar panels on your roof."

What they came up with was the concept for exhibition that circled around the 4R’s - reduce, reuse, recycle and renewable. The model home featured many examples of earth-friendly living including the use of grey water, growing your own food and being car smart. It was constructed of 4 reused shipping container and prefabricated modules. The home was designed for the family of three and it is roughly around 100 sq.m. (~1000 SF)

The Designer, Site Specific, "is a research company founded by Chutayaves Sinthuphan to investigate who we are as human through the means of architecture and gastronomy," two topics dear to our hearts.

Judging by the posts on his site, he has been studying the container housing scene closely and has added a significant contribution to the genre.

More pictures and an excellent collection of container housing posts at Eco Living 101 - Model Home. Thanks to tipster and Bangkok architect Jay Laohapong.

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