Friggebod Fun: MiniHouse From Add-A-Room

Image via Onen

So much of what we build is a response to regulation; from garden sheds to modular homes, it is the rules that define the forms. Swedish Housing Minister, Birgit Friggebo exempted buildings under 150 square feet from the building codes; Her name will live forever in the explosion of lovely little cabins that bear the name Friggebod.

The latest we have seen is the Minihouse 1 from Add-a-Room, designed by Lars Frank Neilsen of OneN.

images via Add-a-room and OneN

The Add-a-Room People say that "it should be easy to buy a house." They build them in in Tyresö and deliver them by truck. They also build larger units out of multiple blocks.

They call it "A lego system for adults!"

Everything is simple and minimalist.

More at Add-a-Room, found on Mocoloco

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