First Pix of Home Delivery Prefabs in New York

System3 by Oscar Leo Kaufmann and Albert Ruf

(Sob!) Carbon footprint concerns kept me from the preview of the Museum of Modern Art's Home Delivery prefab show, so we asked New York architect Joseph Tanney of Resolution4 Architecture to walk over and have a look. Here are his first pictures; commentaries and reviews to follow soon, we hope...

Cellophane House by Kieran Timberlake

Lawrence Sass of MIT

Burst*008 by Douglas Gauthier of Gauthier Architects and Jeremy Edmiston of SYSTEMarchitects

Micro Compact Home

See all the MoMA prefabs:

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Photo Essay of Home Delivery Houses in New York Times :

More on Joseph Tanney and Resolution 4

Small Lot Prefab From Resolution 4
Joe Tanney on the Swingline House


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