ContainR Theatre Shows Sports Films During Olympics

Bonnie Alter

Can't afford a ticket to an event? Go hang out in the ContainR, a "street installation at the nexus of video, public art and urban design, sitting at the cross roads of mountain and urban culture, art and sports cinema, embracing public art and sustainable design."

Nicole Mion & Evann Siebens curate films about movement and sports, going right back to Edison and Muybridge.
Bonnie Alter

It is designed by designed by Vancouver architect Robert Duke, industrial designer Keith Doyle, and Iain Sinclair.

By using reconditioned shipping containers integrating alternative energy sources, the installation references Vancouver's rich history as a major port as well as a centre for green design.


The film list is quite extensive and interesting, but once again, you have to ask if shipping containers are the most appropriate medium for showing them in.

Much like the original movie trailer from 1938, shipping containers are long and skinny and narrow, the opposite of a modern theatre.


Nonetheless, it is a tough, edgy bit of temporary design, a nice change from all that pretty Olympic stuff. More at ContainR.Com

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