Allied Container Systems Builds Entire Cities From Shipping Containers

Images credit ACS

TreeHugger has shown quite a few shipping container houses and even a few shipping container buildings, but never anything on the scale of the work of Allied Container Systems; they build entire cities out of shipping containers. But they are not inhabited; they are giant sets, training facilities for Military Operations in Urban Terrain (MOUT) There are lots of them all over the world, and they are spectacular.

The company does also manufacture habitable structures, but their main gig is training facilities for the US Marine Corps.

They can simulate almost anything that the Marines might face in the course of their work.

ACS is a member of USGBC and is presenting at Greenbuild, but how is this green? Certainly by using shipping containers as building blocks, they are creating a training environment out of a surplus resource, one that can be used and reused and reassembled to simulate whatever urban terrain is needed. More at Allied Container Systems.

The Gentlemen of ACS at Greenbuild.

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