Green Vertical Walls at the Chelsea Flower Show

Photo: B. Alter

Green vertical walls are very popular at the Chelsea Flower Show this year, as are green roofs. Green walls are a natural, good looking and environmental way to cover that ugly back wall. They are nicer than vines because bugs and insects can find a home in them.

As well as being installed in the flashy expensive gardens, there were a few businesses offering them for the smaller, more normal, home gardens. This one, serving as a backdrop for The Magistrates' Garden, could be adapted for home use.
Photo: B. Alter

Likewise, this wall, made of little blue bacopa flowers and alternating with a water feature, could look lovely as an addition to a long back wall. The waterfall is beautiful, but the wall would be just as nice without it. This wall is from a small company that will install them on a bespoke basis.

Photo: B. Alter

And then there is this one from the Prince of Monaco--well what do you expect... The concept is that there is not much room in tiny Monaco so they have to build upwards.

Photo: B. Alter
Malaysia is no slouch either when it comes to spectacular. It's a tropical country, with lush tropical growth and their wall reflects the easy growing that takes place there. Makes you want to dive right in to that gorgeous pool.

Photo: B. Alter

Your office may not look like this, but it would be a wonderful, calming thing to have at work. This wall provides the backdrop to chairs, maybe in the front lobby, and has a serene water feature at its foot.

The Royal Horticultural Society has some tips on how to make your own wall: suitable plants and lots of ideas.

Photo: B. Alter

And the mother of all vertical walls, presented by B & Q, and standing 9 metres tall. It's a beacon at the Flower Show and a model for everyone, with tomatoes cascading over its balconies and herbs growing on each floor of the stairwell.

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