Pedal Powered Kitchen Center An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Photos Credit Christof Thetard

Back in the 60's the Nutone Kitchen Center was all the rage in high-end kitchens; The idea was that you would have a pile of different appliances and one motor to serve them all, built into the kitchen counter. But in the end it didn't make a lot of sense as electric motors were relatively cheap.

But what if you do not want to use electricity? The mechanism is going to take up a lot more space and perhaps be more expensive. Designer Christoph Thetard has designed the R2B2 "to reduce private electric waste production."
John Pavlus at Fast Company calls it "almost genius" and I disagree; it IS Genius. It is built to last, designed for long life, high functionality, easy demounting and hiqh quality.

The pedal and flywheel mechanism generates about 350 watts worth of energy, which Christof says "is enough for most of the daily works in the kitchen"

There is a place for everything, including a hand mixer, a food processor, and a coffee grinder.

It all looks so beautifully made as well, not a bit of plastic to be seen. And there is no reason to stop at just three appliances;

Nutone offered juicers, meat grinders and blenders. Christof could do the same. Except his would last for generations. More at Christof Thetard, found at Fast Company

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