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  • Q&A;: "Glass" Tupperware

    November 2, 6:54 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Kitchen Design

    We received a question from Marcello F. that read "Does Treehugger know of any companies that make "glass" Tupperware or something to store your food in rather than using plastic? I'm thinking that it can't be the best thing for you when microwaving

  • Ekobo Bamboo Kitchenware Now Available in the US

    November 1, 7:14 AM by Collin Dunn in Kitchen Design

    All of us TreeHuggers in the US have been enamored with Ekobo's fabulous bamboo kitchen accessories (as we mentioned here and here) since they launched earlier this year. Happily, various incarnations of their product lines are slowly becoming available

  • Recycled Rubber Salt & Pepper Shakers

    October 30, 9:36 AM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    Here's something recycled for Halloween — these salt and pepper shakers are made of molded food-safe, recycled rubber in France. They are washable and their heads pop-off for refilling. :: Homework via

  • Perfetto Pasta Cooker by Zevro

    October 28, 7:30 AM by Collin Dunn in Kitchen Design

    We always thought cooking pasta was pretty simple, but the folks at Zevro have made it even easier, and more efficient to boot. Dry pasta and boiling water go in, the lid goes on, and then you just walk away until it's done. They recommend about 20

  • Recycled Beer Bottle Tumblers

    October 26, 12:28 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Kitchen Design

    We just came across these cool tumblers that are great for every day use or for your next cocktail party. They are made from recycled Mexican "Sol" Beer bottles in Wisconsin, making them extremely durable. A set of four is $25. Via ::design*sponge

  • Quooker: The Boiling Water Tap

    October 4, 1:09 PM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    Quooker is a device from the U.K. that produces boiling water via a tap in your kitchen sink. The tap produces regular cold water, until you "push and turn" to get boiling water instead. It does this by heating the water to 212°F (100°C) in a

  • Glutos Low Emission Kitchen Wood Oven

    September 25, 11:44 AM by Christine Lepisto in Kitchen Design

    For many people on this earth, a renewable fuel is near to hand and may even currently be superfluous: according to the technical agency for renewable raw materials in Germany (FNR), one third of the annual wood growth in Germany goes unused. And as a

  • Real-Life Green Kitchen Renovation

    September 21, 12:50 PM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    The Washington Post recently featured an interesting article detailing a real-life green kitchen renovation by a Washington, DC homeowner, Lila Guterman and her family. During the renovation, a lot of compromises had to be made between cost and using

  • Best Manual Juicers

    September 21, 12:32 PM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    Manual juicers are handy to have in the kitchen — they don't require electricity and are relatively inexpensive. They can juice a surprisingly large variety of fruits and vegetables. Best of all, they are usually easier to clean than their electric

  • Kitchen in the Round from Snaidero

    September 21, 5:07 AM by Lloyd Alter in Kitchen Design

    We had to struggle for a moment to find a treehugger twist for this- "the concentric kitchen, designed to be in the center of the room, to meet the needs of the man who wants to have everything around him, who feels the need for a really modern approach.

  • Top Rated, Energy Star Refrigerators

    September 20, 10:48 AM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    In terms of quality, cost and energy efficiency, Kenmore refrigerators get high ratings from Good Housekeeping and Consumer Reports. They make many "no-frills" refrigerators which are Energy Star compliant. Kenmore fridges have factory-installed ice

  • Wolf Induction Cooktop

    September 15, 12:46 PM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    This new cooktop from Wolf uses induction to cook food efficiently, while the cooking surface stays cool to the touch. You must use a pan made of a magnetic material like stainless steel or cast iron. The manufacturer claims that the rate of heat

  • Low Tech Alternative To Glass-Door Fridge

    September 10, 7:36 AM by Michael Graham Richard in Kitchen Design

    In a previous post, we mentioned that a fridge with a see-through door could help save energy by keeping people from constantly opening the door to see what's inside. That's all very well, but as is often the case, a low-tech alternative exist to solve

  • Dustpan and Brush by Ole Jensen

    September 7, 11:11 AM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    Here's some attention to designing one of more humble things around, the dustpan. While cleaning his studio with a folded newspaper in one hand, broom in the other, Ole Jensen was inspired to create this simple hand-held "dust blade". It's made of a flat

  • The Hot Fridge

    August 27, 10:59 AM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    When a refrigerator cools things inside, it releases heat outside (usually out the back). The Hot Fridge is an experimental design by Hae-jin Kim that makes use of the wasted heat. The condensor of the Hot Fridge is placed at the top, and heat is

  • Mrs. Meyer's Dishwashing Liquid

    August 24, 7:39 AM by Kara DiCamillo in Kitchen Design

    Okay TreeHuggers, after reading the frustrations that you experience in a good dishwashing detergent we set out to find one. We admit there was much skepticism on our part as well. But after trying several we came up with good ole’ Mrs. Meyer’s. After

  • A New Collection of Bamboo Accessories from Ekobo

    August 24, 3:39 AM by Collin Dunn in Kitchen Design

    Ekobo is announcing the introduction of their 2005-2006 collection of handmade bamboo home accessories, though they're keeping the world in suspense about the particulars. Looks as though you'll have to be in Paris, France, between September 2nd and 6th,

  • British Berkefeld Gravity Filters: No Need for Bottled Water

    August 17, 6:58 PM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    These British Berkefeld gravity filters are great. They allow you to perform high-quality water filtration on your counter top using gravity alone. The ceramic filters inside last for years, and need cleaning only every three months or so. They're pretty