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    Spin: Appliances That Cooperate

    November 3, 8:21 AM by Karin Kloosterman in Kitchen Design

    A juicer, a can opener, a coffee grinder—ever wonder why every appliance needs its own motor? That was the question Israeli designer Iftah Poran asked himself when he conceptualized Spin, a series of kitchen appliances which make use of the same

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    Chamba Ware for the Kitchen

    October 26, 12:48 PM by Kara DiCamillo in Kitchen Design

    We’ve expressed our feelings on Teflon. We also brought you the news earlier this year about eight U.S. companies eliminating the harmful chemical from their products. In addition to the good ole’ cast iron pieces we found some new cookware recently at

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    Clutter-free Recycling Bin

    October 26, 7:59 AM by Bonnie Alter in Kitchen Design

    Maybe part of the reason that people don't recycle is because of the mess and clutter that gathers whilst waiting for the trip to the recycling centre or the day that it all goes outside. Here's a sleek, good looking way to store all those carefully

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    Richlite: Paper-Based Countertops

    October 4, 12:49 PM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    Richlite is a paper-based countertop material for kitchens and bathrooms. It's created by treating FSC-certified paper with a phenolic resin, and then baking it to create solid sheets. The countertops have a warm feel and come in a variety of colors.

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    Elite Natural Scrubbers From Japan

    October 4, 10:37 AM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    These scrub brushes from Japan are highly effective. They're made out of natural materials and last much longer than plastic scrubbers. They just do not break apart. The scrubber on the right is a Tawashi Brush — it's a natural brush made from palm

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    Berkeley Mills Sereno Kitchen

    September 18, 7:36 AM by Lloyd Alter in Kitchen Design

    We have hugged Berkeley Mills furniture before, but they have a new kitchen design out, made from bamboo, jarrah (a sustainably harvested Australian wood) and recycled glass countertops. We suspect that the price is high, but the sustainable kitchen

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    Recycled Ceramic Coasters from Robot Candy

    August 28, 1:04 PM by Collin Dunn in Kitchen Design

    In the world of future-looking, green-shaded, TreeHugger-friendly products, drink coasters can be easily overlooked. It's important to keep glass rings off of our reclaimed-wood or FSC-certified furniture, so the coasters are a must. While making off

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    Mohammed Bah Abba And His Pot-in-Pot

    August 4, 7:30 AM by Warren McLaren in Kitchen Design

    So what's modern+green about a couple of terracotta pots? Nothing and everything. The oldest known African earthenware has been found in Nigeria, so that ain't exactly new. What does brings it up-to-date is the incredibly simple application of two

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    Bambu's Bamboo Goo

    July 28, 1:05 PM by Collin Dunn in Kitchen Design

    TreeHugger sure loves the bamboo, but eventually, even the durable, harder-than-wood surfaces (like floors and cutting boards) can start to tarnish and show some wear and tear. Thankfully, Bambu's Bamboo Goo is there to help clean it up and restore

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    The Protos Plant Fuel Stove: Cooking with Coconuts

    July 11, 6:25 AM by Warren McLaren in Kitchen Design

    We've talked before about the Institute for Agricultural Engineering in the Tropics and Subtropics of Hohenheim University, Germany, when highlighting solar food driers. And we’ve brought up the issue of deforestation of the Philippines for palm oil.

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    Clean Up Your Kitchen

    June 23, 6:32 AM by Bonnie Alter in Kitchen Design

    The kitchen can be a minefield when you are trying to be eco-friendly. Start with paper towels and paper napkins—a definite no-no. But how can we give up aluminium foil—it saves hours of pot scrubbing. The answer: 100% recycled aluminium foil, which

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    The Simmer Stove: Energy Efficiency and Safety

    June 15, 3:01 PM by Justin Thomas in Kitchen Design

    The Simmer Stove concept was created by Australian designer Romy Hockley. The stove lowers the cooking pot down into the benchtop, which eliminates the need for a heat source on the countertop.This mean less chance of being burnt, and prevents pots

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    Reader Question: Eco-Friendly Kitchen Gloves?

    June 8, 11:28 PM by Michael Graham Richard in Kitchen Design

    Reader Philip Miller Madeley from Arizona writes: "Do you know where I could start a search for eco friendly biodegradable restaurant kitchen gloves? Out health department requires that we wear them." We don't know, but we're sure at least on person out

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    Enrico Products' Bamboo Housewares

    May 8, 3:01 AM by Warren McLaren in Kitchen Design

    Enrico takes its name, and inspiration, from an Italian woodworker who eloped to the US, but failing to find any Italian kitchen utensils handcrafted his own. Their signature piece is a box grater for hard cheeses (pic below), but they also have a line

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    Grind Your Own with the KoMo Fidibus Classic

    April 25, 3:51 AM by Petz Scholtus in Kitchen Design

    The KoMo cereal grinder allows you to make your own fresh flour at home and it does it well, meaning fine, without heating the cereal up to keep its natural humidity, and using a minimum amount of energy. This is because the stone consist of ceramics

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    Should I Replace My Old Cooker and Fridge?

    March 27, 6:40 AM by Leonora Oppenheim in Kitchen Design

    This week the Observer asks, 'when is it more efficient to buy an energy-rated appliance than to maintain the old one? Lucy Siegle investigates what she calls ‘the UK's vastly unsustainable electronic and electrical equipment habit.’ As we know even as

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    Jona Warbey: Reclaimed, Responsible Furniture

    March 20, 12:26 PM by Collin Dunn in Kitchen Design

    London-based furniture designer and cabinet maker Jona Warbey blends new ideas with old materials, creating simple but unique designs from reclaimed wood. Reusing and recycling provides not only the materials but the inspiration for household

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    Philips Smokeless Stove Uses 80% Less Fuel, Saves Lives

    March 15, 6:53 AM by Lloyd Alter in Kitchen Design

    We usually think of Philips as a maker of LCD's and LED's but they have been cooking up other things in Eindhoven, including this woodstove. 300 million families in the world's poorest regions burn wood for cooking, and smoke and toxic emisions kill 1.6


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