Crumbling Austrian Hunting Lodge Converted into a Skatepark

Red Bull/Video screen capture

I'm not sure whether or not Philipp Schuster was allowed to skateboard in the house growing up, but he certainly is now. In fact, he's more or less required to. That's because Schuster's new "home" is an old hunting lodge, converted to double as an indoor skatepark.

The "Schuster Skate Villa," in Salzburg, Austria, was sponsored by Red Bull and built by Schuster and some friends. They cleared out everything that was falling apart, installed a series of concrete mounds against walls to serve as ramps, and then added decorations to adhere to the hunting theme, reported Dezeen.

Red Bull/Video screen capture

It's too bad that all the installed furniture is more for a stunt that for daily life, and that Schuster doesn't seem to live in the lodge. If he did, this would really be a great project: Why take up the space and resources for a home and a skatepark if you can combine the two in one structure? Now that Red Bull and Schuster and company have put the idea out there, maybe an enterprising skateboarder will go all the way with it.

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