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All photo credits: Troy Holden

Today there was new space added to the Twitter HQ, doubling their size. Designed by the lovely and talented Sara Morishige Williams (@sara), the newest spaces are consistent with the philosophy of the existing offices that opened last November (which we wrote about). Sara (and Twitter) wanted to create a healthy environment, so she chose no-VOC paints, and furnishings and materials that are low and no-VOCs. She used many reclaimed and re-used materials, found objects and super-graphics to make spaces not only have low embodied energy, but also fun and playful. Her creative mix of colors along with strategically places walls sculpts the light into the spaces and fluidly connects the different areas.

Sara shares:

With interior details, I tried to make small details count by making them meaningful, fun, playful, and full of color--yet useful and sustainable. With new materials, I opted to keep them in the rawest, most natural state possible, using only water-based sealers. With artwork, we involved Twitter employees, as well artists, 3 Fish Studios.

The Shaw Carpet ingredients does not have off-gassing and contains no PVC, phthalates or PBD/PBDE. The workstations by Steelcase are composed of 73% recycled materials with PVC-free surface edges. The Think Chair (also by Steelcase) is made of 98% recycled content and is Greenguard certified.

Where new walls were added, they were constructed with Ecobatt insulation from renewable bio-based materials.

This design proves that if you think you will be hindered by limited colors if you use no-VOC paints, think again. The mixture of vibrant hues along with deep, rich dark paints creates rich layers to the space. (the paint is Enviro Coat by Kelly Moore)

The interior space seems to have a dialogue with the surrounding buildings. The views out the window and the neighboring facades feel like an extension of the rooms. I particularly love this photo showing the post-its matching the colors of the space and backdrop.

The Caper Chairs by Herman Miller in the conference rooms are comprised of 21% recycled materials with a Greenguard certification.

There are conference rooms with concrete tops by Concreteworks (@concreteworks), a local Bay Area company, that mixes a cement substitute fly ash with 100% recycled aggregates (locally sourced recycled glass) and embeds bird sillouettes from a photo Sara took of bird feathers on a trip to the Nebraska hometown of Twitter CEO husband Evan Williams. The supports are plywood maple with Parallam beams.

A sense of the outdoors animates the space through the use of animal, bird and feather figures as well as elements such as these manzanita tree branches hanging over the reception desk that came from Lundberg Design.

Reclaimed wood is used for the reception desk and for tables. The cafe tables are made from Elm with a water based sealer. Similar to the existing reception desk, the new reception is a Walnut also with a water based sealer (by Lundberg Design).

Feather images that are taken from photos by Sara on her honeymoon float through the office walls.

Neon art is by Mary Conrad (@M_Ry) and framed photos in the "Chill Room" are by Twitter employees @troy, @ded and @jillyface.

Sara included pieces like this fawn that she found at a flea market, and then refurbished and painted to give it a new life in the Twitter offices.

The "Twitter Republic" and "140 Mile" paintings are by San Francisco based 3 Fish Studios.

Their cafe provides yummy lunches for the employees, much of which is vegan (co-founders @ev and @biz are both vegans). There is also a new yoga room added to the new space.

The result of the overall design is whimsical, light, and clean. And much like Twitter itself, it provides a platform for the creation of great content.

Sara Morishige Williams
Twitter HQ design

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