Electrified Computerized Cradle Rocks Your Baby To Sleep

In our tireless quest to burn coal and waste electricity in new ways, we offer the Suima electric cradle. For $4,255 you get a unit that has a microphone that detects crying noises. Tokyo Mango reports that " It's programmed to start with a quick-paced rocking, then slowly settles into the pace of the mom's heartbeat; and eventually, it rocks slower and slower to a more sleep-inducing pace. If all goes according to plan, the baby should be asleep again within 15 minutes."

At least they show the thing being used in the master bedroom; I would hate to think of some baby off in a room with an electronic cradle doing the baby-sitting. To their credit, they also rent the thing for a hundred bucks a month. Suima via TokyoMango and Red Ferret
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