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  • How to Go Green: Home Renovation

    February 9, 1:47 PM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    [by Rebecca Silver]

  • How to Go Green: Halloween

    February 9, 12:08 PM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    Once a Celtic celebration of the harvest and a new season, Halloween is now a little less spiritual and a lot more commercial; total up candy sales, costume shopping, and decorations, and it's an

  • How to Go Green: Dinner Parties

    February 9, 11:49 AM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    [By Alex Smith]

  • How to Go Green: Wine

    February 9, 11:37 AM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    Ever since the days of Julius Caesar, wine has been big business-last year, California alone sold 554 million gallons at home and abroad. But back when Caesar and his men were toasting their latest

  • How to Go Green: Dishwashers

    February 6, 4:40 PM by Jacob Gordon in HTGG

    Washing dishes uses water, energy, chemicals, as well as your valuable time, so an efficient approach can save a lot of each. Since dishwashing machines are the norm for the majority of people, most of our tips will be for these. Large appliances like

  • How to Go Green: Women's Personal Care

    January 25, 3:56 PM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    Personal care is a big subject, but we'll focus on caring for our general appearance: Cleansing and cosmetics, hair care, skin care, makeup, hair removal and, of course, that time of the month most women deal

  • How to Go Green: Water

    December 3, 9:41 PM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    There is no resource more precious than water. There is also no resource that is misused, abused, misallocated, and misunderstood the way water is. Safe drinking water, healthy and intact natural ecosystems, and a stable food supply are a few of the

  • How to Go Green: Gift Giving

    November 27, 10:13 AM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    Is anything more wonderful than finding the perfect gift for someone, or receiving the present that's just what you needed? How about gift-giving accompanied by the knowledge that your gift is also a gift for the planet? There's more to green giving

  • How to Go Green: Lighting

    November 21, 11:00 PM by Jacob Gordon in HTGG

    How we light up the places we live and work makes a big impact on how we feel. It also makes a big impact on the environment. The kind of bulbs, the kind of fixtures, the kind of power, and the habits we keep can all add up to a very significant

  • How to Go Green: Electricity

    November 20, 4:27 PM by Jacob Gordon in HTGG

    The cost of electricity is going up (both in dollars and in environmental and health impacts) and it doesn't show any signs of doing otherwise. About half of the energy in the American grid is coal generated. We won't bore you with what you already

  • How to Go Green: Cars

    November 16, 4:02 PM by Jacob Gordon in HTGG

    Cars are one of the great mixed bags of our time. They are at once wonders of engineering and a threat to life on Earth. They create convenience and comfort and also snarled traffic and sprawling suburbs.

  • How to Go Green: Wardrobe

    November 13, 4:25 PM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    What's the Big Deal? Here's the irony: fashion is ephemeral while fabric and pollution are not. After all of the inspiration, image-making, and excitement pass, the clothes remain. Pouf skirts. Acid-washed denim. M. C. Hammer pants. They're out there

  • How to Go Green: Home Heating

    November 11, 10:00 AM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    Consider that roughly two-thirds of a home's annual energy use goes toward space and water heating, that in most American homes, winter heating is responsible for sending nearly four tons of greenhouse gases into the air each month, and that as much as

  • How to Go Green: Eating

    October 30, 8:50 PM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    The dailies? You know -- milk, bread, eggs -- the dailies. These are the things you eat that you find yourself running out each week (or each day) to purchase. Now, you spend a lot of money on these purchases because of their purchasing frequency, so

  • How to Go Green: Public Transportation

    October 19, 10:24 AM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    Public transportation, while maybe not as enjoyable as commuting in your own personal vehicle, does ease congestion, reduce emissions, and give you plenty of quality time to people watch, as well as get to know your "neighbors." In addition, public