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  • How to Go Green: Gadgets

    March 24, 9:53 AM by Jaymi Heimbuch in HTGG

    Technology is an essential part of daily life, from cell phones to televisions, music players to laptops. Yet our reliance on electronics also has a significant impact on the environment. But don't despair!

  • How to Go Green: Earth Day

    April 2, 11:22 AM by Blythe Copeland in HTGG

    There's a lot more to the Earth Day movement than we could cover here, but see how much you've learned with our Earth Day quiz. From the history of the holiday, the changes it's effected, and the number of people

  • How to Go Green: Spring Cleaning

    March 3, 2:13 PM by Blythe Copeland in HTGG

    Throwing open the windows on the first warm day of the year is one of life's great pleasures--until, of course, all that sunlight and breeze makes you realize how dusty, dirty, and cluttered your house has

  • How to Go Green: Spring Break

    February 24, 1:17 PM by Kristin Underwood in HTGG

    What began as a spring training trip in Fort Lauderdale, Florida for college athletes, has turned into a huge, money-making, right of passage for students and families across the United States. If you're among these ranks, after

  • How to Go Green: Like Celebrities

    February 19, 11:51 AM by Collin Dunn in HTGG

    Celebrities, and their various efforts to go green, can be a bit of a mixed bag. On the one hand, it's great that high-profile, highly-visible folks are affecting positive change by both reducing their impact on

  • How to Go Green: Wedding Engagement

    February 10, 1:01 PM by Blythe Copeland in HTGG

    Photo credit: Michael Blann/Getty We've already talked a lot about how to green your dating life and how to green your wedding, but what about that time in between--your engagement? The average couple these days spends 15 months being engaged, which

  • How to Go Green: Dating

    February 4, 10:01 AM by Blythe Copeland in HTGG

    The world puts a lot of emphasis on dating: it's the point of reality TV shows, the plot of countless movies and sitcoms, and the subject of endless conversations among pretty much all single people (and their friends). The general

  • How to Go Green: Alternative Energy

    January 27, 12:45 PM by Blythe Copeland in HTGG

    Photo credit: Manfred Steinbach/iStock Alternative energy sources Powering and heating your home with alternative energy sources sounds like a no-brainer when it comes to going green, but deciding which kind of fuel is right for you isn't as simple.

  • How to Go Green: Skiing & Snowboarding

    January 21, 8:17 AM by Brian Merchant in HTGG

    Photo credit: Getty Images/Stockbyte Skiing and snowboarding are such robust, exhilarating outdoor-oriented pastimes that it just seems wrong to not be green when you hit the slopes. You are, after all, taking advantage of nature's generous decision to

  • How to Go Green: Work from Home

    January 13, 12:37 PM by Blythe Copeland in HTGG

    Photo credit: Graham Hill Working from home can be a great alternative to a desk in a cubicle, but, as many people who try it will tell you, it isn't as easy as slapping your laptop down on the dining room table. And, while wearing pajamas all day might

  • How to Go Green: Workouts

    January 6, 11:37 AM by Blythe Copeland in HTGG

    At this point, all those holiday cookies, cocktail parties, and lavish lunches are a distant memory--and the reality is that you're (at least) five pounds heavier than you were when you last stepped on the

  • How to Go Green: New Year's

    December 17, 10:35 AM by Blythe Copeland in HTGG

    We generally run into two schools of thought on New Year's Eve: it's either an excuse for a raucous night at the bar and massive quantities of bubbly, or it's a night for amateurs that's better spent watching the ball

  • How to Go Green: Cocktails

    December 2, 12:21 PM by Kelly Rossiter in HTGG

    There is something about sipping on a cocktail surrounded by friends that makes a party feel special. It doesn't matter what the time of year, whether you are getting into the holiday spirit, or sitting on a dock by a lake.

  • How to Go Green: Beers

    November 19, 10:26 AM by Brian Merchant in HTGG

    Beer isn't just the poster beverage for college parties, your after-work wind down, and lazy Sunday afternoons everywhere--no, beer is also a key player in a multi-billion dollar industry that reaches into the far corners

  • How to Go Green: Thanksgiving Day

    November 11, 1:48 PM by Rachel Lincoln Sarnoff in HTGG

    [by Rachel Sarnoff]

  • How to Go Green: School Teachers

    October 14, 10:46 AM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    School teachers, listen up! This is a call for help. You are one of the first lines of defense in the environmental movement. In a few short years, the upcoming generation will decide the fate of this planet. And when

  • How to Go Green: Job Searches

    September 30, 1:39 PM by Christine Lepisto in HTGG

    [By Christine Lepisto]

  • How to Go Green: Commuting

    September 29, 1:38 PM by Team Treehugger in HTGG

    With gas prices ever on the rise, people living farther from the workplace, and traffic conditions worsening by the week, the daily commute is increasingly having an impact on our wallets and our

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