Holiday Gift Guide: For the Philanthropist

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If shelling out big bucks for a gadget doesn't quite put you in the holiday spirit, try giving warm-and-fuzzy feeling that comes from giving someone something they really need. MicroPlace is a way to invest in microloans for business people in poor areas: You can make an investment in your geek’s honor and he’ll get a hand-made Chilean artisan piggy bank. Make it extra-special by investing in a business that does geeky work, like electronics repair or cell phone distribution. Making a smart investment and spreading the geek love is the gift that keeps giving – and returning.
(MicroPlace, price varies)

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Teens For Safe Cosmetics

The Teens Turning Green Collection, is normally only available at Whole Foods Market, but this holiday season, you can order a special gift package with all of the company’s products, like mango body butter, pomegranate blemish cleansing bars, and natural deoderant. Hand-selected by teenagers for safety, sustainability, and practicality, the Teens Turning Green collection is a cross-section of the best products on the market—and 10% of the proceeds help support the Teens Turning Green Campaign, a non-profit, teen-led organization that’s making progress on green issues. (Teens Turning Green, $125)

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