Vegan Black Metal Chef Makes a Festive Yule Log (Video)

Vegan Black Metal Chef/Video screen capture

As a satanistically-dressed Jewish lad from Florida, The Vegan Black Metal Chef is probably not the first person you'd think of when it comes to Christmas cooking specials. But everyone likes a party, and most people like cake too.

Vegan Black Metal Chef/Video screen capture

That's why CHOW asked The Vegan Black Metal Chef, aka Brian Manowitz, to come up with a holiday recipe—and he chose a Christmas yule log.

Vegan Black Metal Chef/Video screen capture

Admittedly this is not anywhere close to scratch baking, but it is a useful reminder that even many mainstream boxed cake mixes are suitable for vegans if you use an egg replacer. And it is also welcome proof that both vegans and black metal fans can be a lot more fun than their sometimes dower reputation would have us believe.

Given that Ozzy Osbourne has now turned vegan, I wonder if he'll be celebrating Christmas with one of Brian's cakes. Come to think of it, I wonder if he celebrates Christmas at all.

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