Seattle Metro Bus Cake for Bus-Obsessed 2-Year Old's Birthday = Awesomeness

Photo: nicolemcguire, CC

Best Birthday Cake Ever!

Now for something on the lighter side (though maybe not light in calories)... Most of us treehuggers like public transportation. Some even develop a certain personal fondness for it over years of use; it starts to become a familar place where you can relax, read, listen to music, etc. But there's probably nobody who likes the bus quite as much as Max, a 2-year old boy who's apparently "obsessed" with Seattle metro buses. So much so that his awesome mother made him what is probably the coolest birthday cake that I've seen! Check out the other photos below.

Photo: nicolemcguire, CC

The submitter of these on BoingBoing wrote:

J sez, "The eldest of my friends' two youngins is obsessed with the bus. Loves to ride it, loves to watch it zoom past, loves to yell 'buth!' at it and proceed to go into hysterics. You can make his whole face come alive with wonderment when you point one out approaching from down the road.. So, for his second birthday, his ma crafted him the most maddeningly wonderful cake i have ever laid eyes on: a perfect little doughy mock-up of Seattle Metro's newest route, the #2 to Max-ville! COMPLETE WITH TWO CANDLES FOR THE LITTLE CABLE-POWER-BUS-ATTACHIES ZOMG!"

Photo: nicolemcguire, CC

Photo: nicolemcguire, CC

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