21 Photos Celebrating Our Love Affair With Cheese

All Photos by Jaymi Heimbuch (Grilled Fruit and Cheese Plate)

If you read TreeHugger's Green Wine Guide, you'll notice that we have a special affinity for cheese. It's hard not to when it pairs so well with the organic and biodynamic wines that we love so much. If you're unsure why we have this special love affair with cheese, well, we have a few photos from our Green Wine Guide recipes that will show you the answer. We're certain you'll be drooling on your keyboard by the last image of cheesy goodness.
(Italian Sandwich on Homemade Ciabatta)

(Grilled Fig Bruschetta)

(Roasted Beet Pizza with Blue Cheese and Arugula)

(Grilled Portabella Melt with Pepper Jack Cheese)

(Quick and Easy Garlic Fondue)

(Simple Ricotta Gnocchi with Browned Butter, Sage)

(Grilled Pear Bruschetta)

(Simple Strawberry and Basil Bruschetta)

(Caramelized Onion and Gouda Quiche)

(Tomato Cucumber Salad)

It should come as no surprise that while cheese is considered a necessity among many food lovers, it is not without its environmental footprint. Dairy has a lower carbon footprint than meats, but it is higher than fruits and veggies -- and beyond carbon footprint there is the humane treatment of animals to consider. Knowing the source of your cheese, right down to who is caring for the cows or goats and how far the farm is from the store or market where you purchase your cheesy goodness, will boost your enjoyment of it. The dairy industry is a tricky one to navigate for those interested in dining on animal products but being environmentally and socially responsible about it, but you can make a big difference by selecting cheeses from eco-minded farmers or even buying milk products from them and making your own cheeses.

(Grilled Figs with Homemade Ricotta and Honey)

(Grilled Figs with Homemade Ricotta and Honey)

(Eggplant Manicotti)

(Vegetarian French Onion Soup (Made with Coffee) )

(Mashed Potato-Stuffed Peppers)


Speaking of making your own cheeses... We definitely recommend making your own cheese from scratch as part of learning what goes into crafting a great cheese. The confidence boost that comes from mastering a forgotten skill like cheesemaking will also enhance your enjoyment of it, we're sure. It's far easier than you might think to make your own cottage cheese, mozzarella, and ricotta. You can even pick up kits that will get you started in no time.

(Baked Brie)

(Grilled Cheese with Apple and Onion Confit)

(Grilled Apricot and Brie Salad)

If you want recipes for all the delightful dishes you're seeing here, then you'll want to stop by the Green Wine Guide. Every photo here is from recipes offered by the guide as pairings for organic and biodynamic wines. From salads with homemade ricotta, to unusual broschettas with chevre, to delightful melty sandwiches with brie or swiss, the guide offers several recipes a week for pairings for any occasion.

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