Awesome Nest for Humans Hangs From the Trees

© Animal Farm

From multi-tree treehouses, to mirrored treehouses, to even tree-less treehouses, tree-inspired shelters are now solidly in the realm of amazing architecture rather than relegated to kiddie stuff.

Based on the intricately woven nests of the weaver bird, this lovely hand-woven nest by South African design consultancy Animal Farm emulates nature by using simple materials to create a suspended perch for a bit of relaxation and contemplation.

© Animal Farm
Devanjedi /CC BY-NC-SA 3.0

Using a welded steel frame and lots of branches, designer Porky Hefer created the human version of this nest to fit two adults and a small child, though Dezeen indicates that a larger version for four adults will be created later on.

© Animal Farm
© Animal Farm

It does look a bit like a huge helmet of some sort, thanks to the protrusion at the bottom with a ladder hanging down, which allows entry in and out of the woven structure.

© Animal Farm

Hanging at 3 metres (about 10 feet) above the ground, it's not a death-defying climb up, but just enough to get a little bird's eye perspective of life. More information over on Animal Farm's website.

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