The Best Ever Explanation Of Why You Should Buy FSC Wood: Who Cares About The Forest?

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We do go on about how important it is to buy lumber and wood products that are
FSC (Forest Stewardship Council); it is a tough sell, particularly in the face of the millions that SFI, the Sustainable Forestry Initiative, spends on advertising its certification system. But they don't have author and illustrator Franke James on their side. She presents an illustrated guide to FSC that explains how it is done, and why it is so important for the forests and the people who work in them. And, it is extremely funny!

Who cares about the Forest? from Franke James on Vimeo.

Also in an animated version

A few years ago I tagged along with foresters doing an FSC cut in Muskoka, Ontario and it was an epiphany, completely changing the way I thought about wood. These guys left the forest in better shape than when they started, watching out for bird habitat, removing diseased trees, creating conditions that reintroduce different hardwoods. I have become a huge fan of wood as the most sustainable building material because of it, and have done dozens of posts and articles on the subject.

But Franke James, doing the same kind of trip that I did, makes the case in such a devastating and clever way, with her own special graphic style. Anyone who cares about the forest should read or watch this at My Green Conscience
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