Series: Is spray foam insulation safe?

SPF insulation
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This five part series examines the potential health hazards associated with of spray foam insulation, its chemical makeup, its fire safety, and explores other insulation alternatives.

Part 1

Losing their health and homes to spray polyurethane foam

A growing number of people are suffering from asthma and chemical sensitization due to spray foam insulation. In the introduction to this series, we meet Keri Rimel and her husband, who have both suffered from serious chemical sensitization after spray foam was installed in their new house.

Part 2

Chemicals in spray polyurethane foam: How can something so toxic be considered green?
Take a closer look at the chemical components of spray foam insulation and their associated health risks. In part two, we look at each of the potentially harmful chemicals found in spray foam individually.

Part 3

Spray Polyurethane foam manufacturer may face class-action lawsuit

When spray foam installation goes wrong, homeowners face a complex legal mess. However, a potential class-action lawsuit could shed light on how frequently spray foam fails.

Part 4

Spray foam insulation: Is it a fire hazard?

From toxic smoke to chemical combustion, spray foam poses dangers when it comes to fire. We look at how spray foam may act as a fire accelerant and how a sloppy installation job can generate enough to burst into flame.

Part 5

Greener alternatives to spray foam insulation

We talk to green builders about why they don't use polyurethane spray foam. We look at alternative insulation materials and talk tradeoffs.

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