$1800 Refrigerated Shipping Container Becomes Beautiful Architect's Studio (Video)

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

When I posted a video of a beautiful home built from salvaged car parts, the tour also included a brief visit to the architect/owners Karl Wanaselja and Cate Leger's backyard studio built from a disused shipping container.

Now here's a closer look at that awesome structure.

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

Built from a refrigerated shipping container that was bought for $1800, Karl explains that the unit was already designed to be insulated, durable and water-tight. By opening it up and putting in huge windows, and slicing the unit and rearranging it into a T shape, the pair have also humanized it into a more airy, sunny and less rectangular living space.

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

Lloyd may have questioned the validity of shipping containers in architecture as being too toxic, too inconvenient and too small. But there are a number of things going for the Wanaselja/Leger design. Firstly, the unit was already insulated—reducing the need for another major material input. Secondly, the unit was an oversized 40ft—so lent itself easily to a radical reconfiguration. And thirdly, it's food grade metal on the inside at least—so I am presuming this would reduce some of the concerns around paint toxicity.

Fair Companies/Video screen capture

Yet another great video from Fair Companies—the same folks who brought us the video of Wanaselja and Leger's recycled car home; a great story about a 16-year-old who built a tiny house for a mortgage-free future; and an old garage turned stunning tiny house.

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