Green Gift Guide 2010: Low-Impact Luxury for High-Impact Giving

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Who says luxury must come with a killer price tag? More often than not, extravagance is just a few extra minutes in your day wrapped up in a plushy organic bath robe.

For the 2010 holiday season, TreeHugger is redefining luxury with 10 categories and over 100 low-impact gifts, each packing a high-impact punch when it comes to thoughtfulness, quality, durability, and, of course, kindness to the environment. But gifts with traits like these don't necessarily have to be expensive. In fact, several will be under $25; some are even free.

From a child's first bike (made of sustainable wood!) to gorgeous vintage china, we've focused on cherishing the moment. Whether you are looking for shimmering one-of-a-kind bangles (welded from architectural scraps), a pup-sized recycled raincoat for your pooch, or rockstar-worthy coasters for your music buff, these sweet indulgences are guilt-free when it comes to the earth -- so that you are done with your holiday shopping in a flash. Isn't that luxurious? -- Produced by Mairi Beautyman

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