Shape Shifting Solar Lamp Looks Like Robot Claw

© Lenka Czereova via Yanko Design

Designer Lenka Czereova has come up with an interesting design for a solar powered lamp. For anyone with a love of all things futuristic, this design will be compelling. The lamp has three main arms, all of which can be tweaked to give the lamp a new shape.

© Lenka Czereova via Yanko Design

As Yanko Design notes, "While it makes a great table or floor lamp, the tripodal design’s three bendable arms also make it possible to affix to the most awkward of surfaces or other objects to direct light exactly where you need it."

And you'll need it to be close to a window since the only way you'd get it to light up is with enough sunlight. Each arm has its own solar cells to power up the LEDs.

What do you think? Is it something you'd place in your home?

© Lenka Czereova via Yanko Design

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