Pegasus Statue Made from 3,500 Phones Could Have Been Awesome

HuaweiDeviceCo/Video screen capture

In an effort to create buzz around its new smartphone, the Ascend D Quad, Huawei has come up with an incredible work of art unveiled outside the MWC venue in Spain. It is a huge sculpture of Pegasus, and the material of choice is iron rods and a whole, whole lot of those smartphones.

HuaweiDeviceCo/Video screen capture

CNet reports, "Creating the sculpture involved much cutting and soldering of iron rods (more than 650 yards), unpacking of phones, and sticky pads. It took 720 man-hours to make Pegasus, which is nearly 19 feet tall with a 16-foot wingspan."

HuaweiDeviceCo/Video screen capture

HuaweiDeviceCo/Video screen capture

I really hope that it is only the outer casings of the cell phones that were used, and not 3,500 full-fledged phones that may or may not work correctly after the sculpture is taken apart. If they're really 3,500 working phones used on this sculpture, and I'm pretty sure it is, then it is little more than an illustration of a huge amount of waste.

If this were to be truly cool, those 3,500 phones would have been decommissioned handsets heading to recycling. Instead of a message about the quantity of old devices in the marketplace or recyclablility of cell phones, it's an advertisement for yet another cell phone model. A piece of art like this could be a neat way to bring attention to a company's recycling programs, rather than new models. But hey, I'm pretty solidly biased toward green.

Well, at least it is an example of using odd resources for new art, and perhaps the next beautiful sculpture will send a more interesting, and green, message. In the mean time, here is a video of the making of the statue:

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