Make This Seriously Powerful Bike Helmet Headlight for Under $20

YouTube via Instructable/Video screen capture

Instrucable user _Tolkien_ has come up with a project for cyclists who often find themselves riding down dark roads at night. The PLAE, short for Portable Led Angel Eyes, is sure to help you get safely at home even on the murkiest nights, even if it does seem like a lot to balance on your head. And according to the maker, it can be build for around $20.

YouTube via Instructable/Video screen capture

Materials needed:

- 10 watt LED white 800lm 12V (4 $ from ebay)
- White LED Strip Waterproof 12v [ 24 Led 200lm ] (2 $ from ebay)
- Lithium battery 60watt [ 4800mAh x 12v] (13 $ from ebay)
- Aluminium heatsink (0 $ 150g removed from an old PC)
- Small fan 12v (0 $ removed from an old PC)
- Thermal Paste (for processors $ 0.80)
- HeadLight Car (0 $ removed from an old car)
- Various lenses (0 $ removed from old cameras and film cameras)
- Silicon (2 $) [ I recommend using a clear silicone to create a better visual effect. Not the white silicone I used ... :) ]
- Paper of aluminum foil (0.80 $)
- Strips of felt (1 $)
- Transparent gloss paper (0.10 $)

YouTube via Instructable/Video screen capture

The steps aren't necessarily complicated, but it could be easy to mess this one up and have to redo a few parts of it. But it would still be a great learning experience and a fun project. Plus, it's a serious piece of bike safety gear.

A video of the set-up and functionality:

A video of it working outdoors:

Word of warning, try not to blind the drivers of oncoming cars. That could get messy.

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