20 Ways Your iPhone Can Save You Gas, Energy, Time and Money

iPhone Apps Green Your Shopping and Save You Money

Shopping green can be tough, especially when on the go. But there are iPhone apps that help us make eco-friendly purchase decisions, save money, and do the green thing.

Use: Identify greenwashing in the isles to make better purchase decisions
GoodGuide is a growing database of detailed product information that helps users make informed decisions about what they're buying. There may be 14 different toothpastes to choose from, including those that tout a green make-up, but do we really know what's behind each one? GoodGuide gathers detailed information about products and ranks them according to their greenness. Think: Greenpeace's Guide for electronics, only much bigger and for every day things. While not yet comprehensive, GoodGuide is rapidly growing, and they will soon offer an iPhone app so that you can quickly look up what option is the greenest, helping you make informed decisions you can feel good about.
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Use: Track items on eBay
Buying used is usually more green than buying new. And of course one of the most popular places to find used goods is eBay. GarageBuy helps you track eBay items via iPhone, and once you find what you want, you can bid and watch your item. You might be standing in the middle of a store wondering if you could find some doo-dad used, for cheaper, and voila - you can find it and bid on it right away.
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Use: Find what you want on Craigslist
Another popular place to find great used goods is CraigsList. This app allows users to search easily through listings to find what they want. Listings can be bookmarked, searches can be saved, and users can respond to listings easily via email on their phone. Greening up your shopping by buying used, or finding something for free, is becoming ridiculously easy.
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