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  • But Is It Art?

    January 15, 5:54 AM by Bonnie Alter in Economics

    Is it art or is it leftovers? This picture is made entirely of food: broccoli trees with added peas, bread mountains with a white sugar waterfall, cauliflower clouds, a vanilla pod ladder, herb foliage and a path of cumin. The artist (?) Carl Warner

  • She Greens Rural China, Village by Village

    December 4, 9:03 AM by Alex Pasternack in Economics

    At under five feet, Cun Yanfang doesn’t cut a very imposing figure. But the 31-year-old Chinese villager is proof of the influence that the little people can have on the environment even in the middle of a massive environmental crisis. A member of the

  • Play With Your Food

    November 21, 6:33 AM by Bonnie Alter in Economics

    The Vienna Vegetable Orchestra must be the only band in the world that buys its instruments fresh and organic before each performance. They must also be the only ones to use DIY instruments such as cucuphones in the wind section. For the uninitiated

  • FreeRice: Play a Game and Feed the Hungry

    October 24, 4:00 AM by Bonnie Alter in Economics

    It's not exactly on-message but it's addictive and it's for a good cause. FreeRice is a computer "game" that tests your vocabulary and for every word that you get right, 10 grains of rice are donated through the United Nations to end world hunger.

  • Greenwash Watch: Nothing Says Green Like an Electric Leafblower

    August 31, 12:09 PM by Lloyd Alter in Economics

    Or as BoingBoing titled it, "Irony, Thy Name is Amazon."

  • Does Using Energy Cheer You Up?

    July 17, 9:39 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Economics

    Think about the reasons that you use energy. At first you might think that you consume power and goods in order to keep you alive and sustain yourself. However, humans could survive with only a small amount of locally grown food, and minimal heating. In

  • Fur Farms and Banana Rice Pudding

    July 9, 7:34 AM by John Laumer in Economics

    Researching on one of our primary technical sources, Ebay, we discovered evidence of a long abandoned effort at genetic engineering. Apparently some frankenfarmer long ago came up with way to grow fur in plants. Kidding. But, no joke,

  • The New Climate Poll Numbers Are In From Pew

    June 30, 8:25 AM by John Laumer in Economics

    "There has been a double-digit increase [14%] in the proportion of Americans who say environmental problems are a major global threat - from 23 per cent to 37 per cent, according to a comprehensive survey published this week by the Pew Center in

  • Envisioning Eco Retrofits: Garbage Truck Campers & Electric Motorbikes

    June 25, 9:04 PM by George Spyros in Economics

    Bring me your poor-performing designs, your tired energy systems and your huddled treehuggers -- it's official (almost), Green is the new Red, White and Blue. It was only in October '06 that the majestic Ms. Liberty went wind-powered, and now, courtesy

  • Cameron Tries to go Green Online

    April 24, 11:49 AM by Matthew Sparkes in Economics

    David Cameron, leader of the Conservative Party, has made environmental issues the keystone of his election campaign. Unfortunately his attempts to promote his greener side seem to constantly backfire. He started biking to work, but received negative

  • TreeHugger Reader Published in Newsaper

    April 17, 8:22 PM by Lloyd Alter in Economics

    Remember, you read it here first. ::DK report via

  • The Starchy Gallery

    April 10, 8:22 AM by Bonnie Alter in Economics

    Amy Winehouse is a potato and a winner. O.k., so she's a bit of a drunk too... She came first in the Starchy Gallery's Potato Day competition. Second prize was Mr. T and then there was Bob Marley, Botticelli's Birth of Venus, Britney, Helen Mirren,

  • New Hampshire Moves Closer to Renewable Energy Standard

    April 9, 7:48 AM by Eric Kane in Economics

    Currently, New Hampshire is the only state in the northeastern United States that has not passed some form of renewable portfolio standards legislation. However, that may change soon. Last week, the New Hampshire House voted decisively in favor of a

  • 'Environmentalism: Biggest Threat to Freedom'

    March 30, 8:03 AM by Eric Kane in Economics

    Czech President, Vaclav Klaus, recently offered a warning that environmentalism and measures to curb climate change are a threat to human freedom. When I read these and other similar statements, my initial thought was to write a scathing assessment of

  • IBM Commits to Greenhouse Gas Reductions

    March 26, 7:48 AM by Eric Kane in Economics

    Last week, IBM announced that it would reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 7% from 2005 levels by the year 2012. The commitment was made as part of the company’s participation in the Environmental Protection Agency’s ‘Climate Leaders’ program. To

  • Greener Green — The U.S. One Dollar Coin

    March 15, 10:26 AM by Jenna Watson in Economics

    The Sacagawea dollar coin was introduced in 2000 to replace the Susan B. Anthony dollar, which (being Canadian, I didn't know) was often confused with the quarter because of its color and feel. The newer coin is a golden color with no ribbing along the

  • Bloomberg's Vice: Miami

    March 8, 8:15 AM by Eric Kane in Economics

    As part of an ongoing effort to gather information, New York City’s Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, will take a sustainability tour of Miami this afternoon. Bloomberg continues to seek ideas as he prepares to unveil his Plan NYC 2030, a blue print for

  • Educating Environmental Leaders

    January 15, 2:33 PM by Eric Kane in Economics

    As American colleges and universities prepare to start the Spring Semester, it is an opportune time to discuss the growing list of academic opportunities that are developing around issues of environmental sustainability. The catalog of available courses


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