Put Deposits On Everything, Even Street Furniture

Images credit Vincent Wittenberg and Guy Königstein

Deposits are a wonderful tool; I have previously suggested that It's Time for Deposits. On Everything. Dutch designers Vincent Wittenberg and Guy Königstein have carried the principle a step further, to street furniture.

After all, there is a fundamental problem with conventional street benches: they are fixed, and you may not want to sit next to the person who is there already. The designers now give you an option: stick in a coin, like you do with a shopping cart, and you can detach the chair from the fixed bench and take it away. Designboom writes:

One can initiate collaborative and participative urban processes, from which both the municipality and the residents profit, eventually creating a more interesting and vivid street.

A chair is not a shopping cart and has significantly greater utility, so I wonder if these will tend to disappear into people's houses and yards. More in Designboom

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