One Good Chair Competition: Peoples' Choice Award

TreeHugger readers have been asked to help pick the Peoples' Choice Award for the One Good Chair Competition, from among the three finalists. We have previously shown Andrej Blazon's Charity Chair and Azul Cadenas' BAMTAK Chair; Today the final finalist is Helene Cany's Sediliegi² Chair. Be sure to return on Monday for the voting!

The designer writes:

The sediliegi² chair is a lounge chair for two person.
I chose a place, near to Turin in Italy, where we can see the Alps. Many lovers come to this square because it is really romantic and the view is beautiful.

This chair is made of molded cork.And the cork come from the italian cork tree. Its shape allows transport easily and to rest comfortably in the sun watching the Alps. The shape is inspired by the cars designed in Turin (Fiat 500 and Ferrari).

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