Never lose that wrench again: flatpack furniture is held together with magnets

We do love flatpack design, but often hate assembling it, over-tightening it and mucking up the wood, or worst of all, losing a nut or bolt. And then there is trying to disassemble if moving; sometimes it's impossible to get it apart.

Benjamin Vermeulen has solved this problem. His MAG (Magnetic Assisted Geometry) line of furniture simply snaps together with strong magnets.

© Benjamin Vermeulen

The designer tells Dezeen:

Shipping furniture unassembled is more economical and more environmentally friendly, but flat-packed furniture is often made from low-grade material and its assembly is far from straightforward.

Because there are no threads to be stripped or parts to lose, it can be assembled and taken apart many times.

© Benjamin Vermeulen

The chair is particularly clever; the steel seat and backrest snap onto the x-shaped wood frame. Watch the video to see it in action. More images in Dezeen.

MAGfurniture from Benjamin Vermeulen on Vimeo.

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