Get Up Esparto, the Biodegradable Seat that Stands Up By Itself

Photo Credit: Martín Azúa

Here are some funky seats for small spaces; when not in use, they stand up to occupy less space! Get Up Esparto is a series of chairs to hang out on and relax, with the peculiarity that they stand up by themselves when you are not sitting on them.
Photo Credit: Martín Azúa

Spanish designer Martín Azúa (check out the NeoRural tree house and the Bios Urn), is about to bring them to the market, this time, made of the esparto grass, a fully renewable and biodegradable material that is locally available in Spain. The counterweight inside that tilts the seats upright is filled with sand. Working esparto is a local craft in Murcia, the southeast of Spain, where the famous espadrilles come from. It is there that local women produce the Get Up Esparto and keep the craft alive.

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