Flatpack Bed Is Held Together by Ratchet Straps

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Flatpack designs cut out on CNC machines are getting so common that people are doing it in coffee shops now. However, connections can be complicated and time consuming. That is what is so neat about the increasingly common use of the ratchet strap as a method of adding a tension member to hold everything together tightly. This GURTBETT Bed from German design store Magazine assembles in minutes without tools in minutes.

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This kind of design just cries out for the DIY crowd; in fact at Swiss Miss, the first commenter wrote:

Dear GURTBETT people. I’m very sorry to inform you that I love this bed so much that I’m going to knock it off TONIGHT on my CNC.

Magazine/Promo image

Every ratchet strap design we have shown on TreeHugger has shared these attributes of quick assembly and disassembly, no small parts to lose, no small fasteners to break or loosen. I am surprised that they are not more common; as Fab Cafés pop up everywhere, I suspect that they will be. More at Magazine via Swiss Miss.

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