Elegant Plant-Growing Chair Doubles as Terrarium

© Fiore Arcangelo

Terrariums are beautiful little ecosystems in miniature and are usually grown in clear containers of various kinds, including lightbulbs. Though they're usually for display, Italian designer Fiore Arcangelo imagines a multi-functional terrarium -- one large enough to sit on.

© Fiore Arcangelo

Shaped like an amorphous cornucopia, the ECOO terrarium is made out of clear polycarbonate (best that you're not drinking out of that), allowing you to watch plants grow even while you use it as seating. Says Arcangelo:

ECOO is... perfectly adaptable to each type of ambiance, thanks to its elegance and clean form, and is conceived in the category of medium-large seating, with a red steel frame base.

© Fiore Arcangelo

Plants -- the best to use are hardy ones -- are grown in the lower part of the seat, while water and air can be brought in from the open upper part of the seat.

© Fiore Arcangelo

This is a clever way to integrate plants and furniture to ensure more green in a living space; similar to other examples we've seen such as plant-tables, pendant lamps that double as mini-greenhouses, or mushroom-inoculated garden chairs. More details on Fiore Arcangelo's website (in Italian).

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